[Clinical experiences with the anesthesia and brain monitor (ABM)].

  title={[Clinical experiences with the anesthesia and brain monitor (ABM)].},
  author={Eberhard F. Kochs},
  journal={Anasthesie, Intensivtherapie, Notfallmedizin},
  volume={20 3},
The Anaesthesia and Brain Monitor (ABM) was employed in 83 patients (of 24 to 86 years of age) who were subjected to abdominal surgery, and in 21 intensive-care patients under artificial respiration and sedative treatment (of 45 to 74 years of age), the equipment being used for monitoring anaesthesia or sedation. With this method it became possible to effect a largely integrated surveillance of EEG, EMG, NMT, pCO2, as well as, if desired, external blood pressure measurement by time-synchronous… CONTINUE READING

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