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[Clinical experience with treatment by piracetam in gerontopsychiatry (author's transl)].

  title={[Clinical experience with treatment by piracetam in gerontopsychiatry (author's transl)].},
  author={E. Vencovsk{\'y} and J. Hronek and L. Drahokoupil and V. Fait and T. Hudcov{\'a} and Z. Laciga and H. Vaňkov{\'a}},
  journal={Ceskoslovenska psychiatrie},
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Offene vergleichsstudie mit nootropil® in der anästhesie
  • Lina Ney
  • Medicine
  • Acta Chirurgica Austriaca
  • 2007
The results justify the use of Nootropil® in appropriate patients during and after operations as it leads to more rapid psychic and physical reconvalescence. Expand
Effect of piracetam on EEG spectra of boys with learning disorders
Power spectral analyses revealed that piracetam caused a decrease in the amount of delta activity and an increase in the average EEG frequency, which is in agreement with those obtained by other workers in adult patients. Expand
Piracetam for dementia or cognitive impairment.
The evidence available from the published literature does not support the use of Piracetem in the treatment of people with dementia or cognitive impairment because effects were found only on global impression of change but not on any of the more specific measures. Expand