[Clinical cytological characteristics of osteogenic sarcoma].

  title={[Clinical cytological characteristics of osteogenic sarcoma].},
  author={I. P. Kuznetsova and N. I. Nikitina and K. A. Agamova and L S Zvekotina},
  journal={Voprosy onkologii},
  volume={25 4},
The authors report the data on the disease clinical course being dependent on the peculiarities of tumor differentiation. The work is based on the findings of treatment and dynamic follow-up of 156 patients with osteogenic sarcoma of extremity bones. Distant gammatherapy, as the principal method of treatment, was employed in all patients. A cytological test was used to determine the morphological character of the tumor. It was shown that clinico-cytological correlations sometimes help to reveal… CONTINUE READING

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