[Clinical case of the month. Idiopathic mediastinal fibrosis].


Fibrosing mediastinitis is a rare condition characterized by an excessive growth of dense fibrous tissue within the mediastinum. The etiology of the disease is most often a fungal infection and may in some cases be idiopathic. We present the case of a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) suffering from fibrosing mediastinitis of… (More)


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@article{Warling2013ClinicalCO, title={[Clinical case of the month. Idiopathic mediastinal fibrosis].}, author={Odile Warling and J. Guiot and M Ramaut and Aude Servais and Martin Lewin and Rhain P Louis}, journal={Revue medicale de Liege}, year={2013}, volume={68 7-8}, pages={408-11} }