[Clinical and cell biology aspects of autologous chondrocytes transplantation].

  title={[Clinical and cell biology aspects of autologous chondrocytes transplantation].},
  author={Matthias R Steinwachs and Christoph Erggelet and Andreas Lahm and Ute Guhlke-Steinwachs},
  journal={Der Unfallchirurg},
  volume={102 11},
The treatment of deep cartilage defects is a challenge for every orthopaedic surgeon. The potential for regeneration of cartilage tissue is minimal and leads to mechanically inferior fibrous tissue. The established techniques induce the growth of fibrous tissue but fail to prevent arthrosis. Autologous chondrocyte transplantation seems to be the most promising therapy concept with clinical relevance to reserves a full thickness cartilage defect with hyaline-like cartilage. Outcome studies with… CONTINUE READING