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[Clearance concept applied to pharmacokinetics: 2. Experience with tolamolol (beta-blocking agent) in renal insufficiency (author's transl)].

  title={[Clearance concept applied to pharmacokinetics: 2. Experience with tolamolol (beta-blocking agent) in renal insufficiency (author's transl)].},
  author={Luc P. Balant and A. Gorgia and Antoine Marmy and Jean-Marie Tschopp},
  volume={1 4},
Tolamolol is subject to first-pass metabolism and is eliminated from the body almost entirely by biotransformation. Its major metabolite in plasma (4-hydroxy-tolamolol) is biologically active and may contribute to the pharmacological effect of the drug. The effect of renal failure on the behaviour of the parent compound and of its metabolite was studied by comparing their kinetics in normal volunteers and in patients with severe renal insufficiency. Tolamolol was given orally to all subjects at… 
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