[Chronic trismus in the severe skeletal Class III cases].

  title={[Chronic trismus in the severe skeletal Class III cases].},
  author={Saika Nakamura and Toshiyuki Iwata and K Tanida and Kunishige Nagahara and Kumi Shirakawa and Tateyuki Iizuka},
  journal={Nihon Ago Kansetsu Gakkai Zasshi},
  volume={1 1},
In general, patients who have trismus as chief complaint often have acute symptoms, but limited number of these patients have chronic trismus. We studied 51 patients (mean age; 18y 4n) with severe skeletal class III (less than ANB less than or equal to O), who need surgical treatment. Three types were classified according to the movement of the mandibular head at the maximum mouth opening at their first visit. A-type; the mandibular head hardly move. B-type; it dose not move beyond articular… CONTINUE READING