[Chromosome Y microdeletions in Czech men with severe reproductive disorders].

  title={[Chromosome Y microdeletions in Czech men with severe reproductive disorders].},
  author={M Machatkov{\'a} and Alice Krebsov{\'a} and Iveta Smetanov{\'a} and Milada Matěj{\vc}kov{\'a} and S Vil{\'i}mov{\'a} and Ale{\vs} Sobek and Milan Macek},
  journal={Casopis lekaru ceskych},
  volume={142 11},
BACKGROUND The Y chromosome microdeletions belong to the frequent genetical causes of male infertility. The aim of our study was to introduce reliable molecular genetic diagnosis of Y chromosomal microdeletions and to determine the prevalence of Y chromosomal microdeletions in Czech males with serious reproductive disorders. METHODS AND RESULTS The Y chromosome microdeletions were screened in 198 Czech men with serious reproductive disorders with decreased sperm count. The Y chromosome… CONTINUE READING