[Chromatin diminution at the border of the XX and XXI centuries].

  title={[Chromatin diminution at the border of the XX and XXI centuries].},
  author={Andrey K. Grishanin and Alexander Shekhovtsov and Tatiana Boikova and A. P. Akif'ev and Igor F. Zhimulev},
  volume={48 5},
The size of genomes in eukaryotic organisms is one of the greatest mysteries of biology. As known from the middle of the XX century, the level of organization of a particular organism, does not depend on its genome size, i. e. on DNA amount in the nucleus. We believe that an actual function of non-coding DNA stands behind the phenomenon of chromatin diminution, known already for 100 years. Diminution of chromatin normally takes place in cells involved in body building and never occurs in… CONTINUE READING