[Chlamydial heat shock protein (hsp 60) and fertility disorders].

  title={[Chlamydial heat shock protein (hsp 60) and fertility disorders].},
  author={Leopold Posp{\'i}sil and Jiri J Canderle},
  journal={Ceska gynekologie},
  volume={68 3},
OBJECTIVE Summarization of recent knowledge on heat shock proteins (HSPs) of human and bacterial (chlamydial) origin and their participation in fertility disturbances. DESIGN Review article for training of physicians (gynecologists and obstetricians). SETTING Veterinary Research Institute, Brno. METHOD AND RESULTS The subject of the study is heat shock protein--hsp60 as a significant epitope Chlamydia trachomatis. Heat shock proteins are induced as a response to various stress insults… CONTINUE READING