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[Childhood sexual traumatic events and sexual life and relationship of a patient].

  title={[Childhood sexual traumatic events and sexual life and relationship of a patient].},
  author={Jerzy Sobański and Katarzyna Klasa and Łukasz M{\"u}ldner-Nieckowski and Edyta Dembińska and Rutkowski Krzysztof and Michał Mielimąka and Bogna Smiatek-Mazgaj},
  journal={Psychiatria polska},
  volume={48 3},
AIM The assessment of links between traumatic events of sexual nature recollected from the past and patients' later functioning in sexual life and relationships. MATERIALS AND METHODS Comorbidity of memories of traumatic sexual events from childhood and adolescence in patients with the features of their current partner relationships was analysed on the basis of Live Inventory completed by 2,582 women and 1,347 men, undergoing treatment between the years 1980-2002, before they were admitted to… 
The early childhood sexual experiences functioning in adult partner relationship
Aim. The aim of the present research was verification of the hypothesis for the influence of negative sexual experiences in sexual development on the quality of partner relationships in the adult
Female circumcision as a cause of genophobia
Female circumcision increases anxiety and depression and decreases the self-esteem of the women, and all sexual functions were better in noncircumcised than in circumcised women.
Associations of selected lower urinary tract symptoms with biographical context in patients of a day hospital for neurotic disorders.
In the studied group of patients with neurotic and personality disorders, selected lower urinary tract symptoms were associated with adverse life circumstances from childhood and adolescence and their consequences - dysfunctions in adulthood, relationship/marriage, functioning at work and dealing with finances.
Occurrence of selected lower urinary tract symptoms in patientsof a day hospital for neurotic disorders.
OBJECTIVES To assess the occurrence of selected lower urinary tract symptoms in the population of patients with neurotic and personality disorders. METHODS This was a retrospective analysis of
Neurotic personality and pseudo-cardiac symptoms in a day hospital patients diagnosed at pretreatment between 2004 and 2014.
Personality background examined with the use of KON-2006 seems to be an important risk factors of pseudo-cardiac symptoms being part of or accompanying neurotic syndromes and probably pseudocardiac symptom cure may be attained by psychotherapeutic treatment aimed at elimination of neurotic personality dysfunctions.
The crossroads of gastroenterology and psychiatry – what benefits can psychiatry provide for the treatment of patients suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms
Functional gastrointestinal symptoms (especially vomiting in cases of nervousness in females or heartburn in males) were significantly associated with greater likelihood of current difficulties in interpersonal relationships, such as conflicts with partner/spouse or parent.
Study of depression among a sample of hypertensive patients.
Depression may be an independent diagnosis, it is also possible that depressive symptoms are secondary to chronic illnesses and their associated complex medication regimens, regardless of the diagnosis being primary or secondary, prior reports have demonstrated that depressive Symptoms are associated with inadequate blood pressure control and complications of hypertension.


Sexual health in women reporting a history of child sexual abuse.
Suggestions for Further Understanding of Mediating Factors of Sexual Arousal Dysfunction Among Women With a History of Childhood Maltreatment
  • L. Johnson
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 2013
An assessment of sexual arousal functioning and sexual responses by women with a history of childhood maltreatment examines potential mediating factors of the relationship between history of Childhood maltreatment and sexual arousal dysfunction such as posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, negative affectivity, and perceived daily stress.
The association between childhood sexual abuse and adult female sexual difficulties
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) has been associated with a number of long-term negative consequences, including depression, anxiety and psychosomatic symptomology. Sexual trauma has also been linked to
Childhood Abuse and Its Association with Mid-Aged Women's Sexual Functioning
This study of mid-aged women found that the major impact of childhood sexual abuse is on the quality of relationship with the partner.
The association of childhood trauma with perceptions of self and the partner in adult romantic relationships
In this study, the association of childhood trauma with perceptions of self and the partner was explored. Using a large sample of more than 5,400 couples who completed the RELATE inventory, couples
The Effects of Childhood Abuse on Relationship Quality: Gender Differences and Clinical Implications
This study examined the relationship between self-reported childhood physical and sexual abuse, romantic relationship quality, possible gender differences, and clinical implications. Three hundred
On the Relationship Among Social Anxiety, Intimacy, Sexual Communication, and Sexual Satisfaction in Young Couples
Fear of intimacy and sexual communication are examined as potential mediators of the relationship between higher social anxiety and lower sexual satisfaction and Implications for social anxiety, intimate relationships, and couples therapy are discussed.
Perceived control in eating disorders: relationship with reported sexual abuse.
  • G. Waller
  • Psychology
    The International journal of eating disorders
  • 1998
Clinical work with eating-disordered women who report a history of sexual abuse may derive particular benefit from a focus on cognitions regarding personal control, because of the potential role of one such experience--reported sexual abuse.