[Chemical food contaminants].

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  • Published 1 September 2004
  • Environmental Science
  • Bundesgesundheitsblatt, Gesundheitsforschung, Gesundheitsschutz
Chemical food contaminants are substances which are neither present naturally in the usual raw material used for food production nor are added during the regular production process. Examples are environmental pollutants or contaminants derived from agricultural production of crops or livestock or from inadequate manufacturing of the food product itself. More difficult is the classification of those compounds formed during regular manufacturing such as products of thermal processes including… 
Sources and Health Impacts of Chemical Contaminants in Foods
Alternative options in accordance with good agricultural and manufacturing practices along with integrated management in the supply chain can help to minimize chemical contaminations in foods.
The Sources of Chemical Contaminants in Food and Their Health Implications
The causes, types, and health implications of chemical contamination in food, which could be due to naturally occurring contaminants in the environment or artificially introduced by the human, are highlighted.
Risk Management of Chemical Hazards Arising During Food Manufacturing
The three main types of food contaminants are physical, chemical and microbiological. Since ancient times chemical hazards are known as potential food safety concerns. These hazards may be
Plant-derived contaminants in food
Abstract: This chapter focuses on plant-derived compounds present as contaminants in the modern food chain, describing their mode of action and adverse effects. Some of these contaminants, including
Safety Inspection of Plant Products
The focus of this chapter is to ascertain the safety of plants and plant products intended for human and animal consumption by examining them for potential contaminants with the aid of hyperspectral
Pesticide residues in berries fruits and juices and the potential risk for consumers
AbstractThe aim of this study was to determine the residues of pesticides in raw and processed berries from Poland and to propose the estimation of risk assessment for two populations: of adults and
Public health risks related to food safety issues in the food market: a systematic literature review
This systematic literature review identified common food safety–related public health risks in the food market and implies that the local and international food marketing continues to have significant impacts on health of the public.
Pflanzliche Kontaminanten in Lebensmitteln
An overview of the major plant-derived contaminants of present concern in the modern food chain is given and their mode of action and adverse effects are described.
Wie wird ein Pflanzenschutzmittelrückstand zur Kontaminante?
The real entry pathways into the food chain and under which circumstances residues of such unintentionally added substances could be better regulated under the contaminant legal framework rather than the pesticide legal framework are discussed.


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