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[Chemical constituents of Rauvolfia verticillata].

  title={[Chemical constituents of Rauvolfia verticillata].},
  author={B. Hong and W. Li and Chun-jie Zhao},
  journal={Yao xue xue bao = Acta pharmaceutica Sinica},
  volume={47 6},
The study on the Rauvolfia verticillata (Lour.) Baill., which belongs to Apocynaceae, was carried out to look for its chemical constituents and pharmacological activity. The isolation and purification were performed by chromatography on silica gel, Sephadex LH-20 and ODS (octadecyl silane) open column. The structures of obtained compounds were elucidated on the basis of physicochemical properties and spectral analysis. Three indole alkaloids and one acridone alkaloid were isolated from… Expand
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