[Characteristics of Toxoplasma-gondii-tachyzoites from different culture systems]

  title={[Characteristics of Toxoplasma-gondii-tachyzoites from different culture systems]},
  author={H. Klein and Martina Anduleit and Monika Bornhak and Matthias Fischer and Uwe Gross and Bettina Loeschner and Sven Nicol and Ingrid Reiter-Orwona and Nadja Zyto and Thomas Montag-Lessing},
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Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular protozoan parasite of worldwide distribution. Parasites that habour a complete antigenic profile, that is necessary for the serological diagnosis of human Toxoplasma infections, are provided by in vivo culture methods only. It seems that the host immune pressure is responsible for the expression of a total antigen… CONTINUE READING