[Characteristic properties of thrombin neurotropic activity].


There are considered the characteristic features of thrombin functional activity in central and peripheral nervous system. A family of specialized membrane receptors--so called PARs (Proteinase Activated Receptors) and their presence in several parts of CNS is described. The concentration- and PAR-dependent neuroprotecting and injuring effects of thrombin… (More)


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@article{Balezina2004CharacteristicPO, title={[Characteristic properties of thrombin neurotropic activity].}, author={Olga P. Balezina and Natalia Gerasimenko and Tamara N Dugina and Silvie Strukov{\'a}}, journal={Uspekhi fiziologicheskikh nauk}, year={2004}, volume={35 3}, pages={37-49} }