[Cerebral blood flow imaging in patients with moyamoya disease].

  title={[Cerebral blood flow imaging in patients with moyamoya disease].},
  author={Takeo Ohnishi and Hiroaki Hoshi and Seishi Jinnouchi and Shigeki Nagamachi and Hitoshi Yoshimura and Shigemi Futami and Kouki Watanabe},
  volume={38 7},
The usefulness of IMP-SPECT and rCBF image by 133Xe inhalation method on rCBF in patients with moyamoya disease was studied. Six patients with moyamoya disease were diagnosed by cerebral angiogram, and STA-MCA anastomosis technique and EMS were done to reconstruct the rCBF. Low perfusion areas were detected around the cerebral infarction and hemorrhage and… CONTINUE READING