[Cerebral Erdheim-Chester disease].

  title={[Cerebral Erdheim-Chester disease].},
  author={Herv{\'e} Taillia and Thierry de Greslan and Camilo Adem and François Talarmin and J. L. Renard and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Flocard},
  journal={Revue neurologique},
  volume={160 5 Pt 1},
We report the case of a 26-old-year man hospitalized for first partial complex epileptic seizure. Brain MRI showed an asymptomatic pseudo-tumor lesion in the brainstem. Diabetes insipidus, hypophyseal gonadotropic deficiency and osteosclerosis of long bones strongly suggested Erdheim-Chester disease, a rare histiocytosis, confirmed after tibial biopsy. Six months later, the patient remained stable. A persistent, and even increased, enhancement with Gd-DTPA on brain MR images was noted as… CONTINUE READING
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