[Cephalic tetanus and Bell's palsy in an elderly man].

  title={[Cephalic tetanus and Bell's palsy in an elderly man].},
  author={K Tonduangu and Françoise Jungfer and Mohamed Nahila and Lalao Ranarivelo and Alexis Mogylevsky and Christian Gaillard and Patrick Adande and Nadia Amarni and Roman Malaca},
  journal={Annales de medecine interne},
  volume={154 3},
Cephalic tetanus is a rare form of tetanus defined as trismus plus paralysis of one or more cranial nerves. The seventh cranial nerve is most commonly involved. The process can remain localized, or become generalized. We describe the case of an elderly Caucasian man who developed cephalic tetanus after head trauma with a facial wound. Bell's palsy was… CONTINUE READING