[Cell cycle and apoptosis].

  title={[Cell cycle and apoptosis].},
  author={Raymond Ming-Wah Chau and Suzanne S. Chan and Ming Fang Li and Xiang Yuan Wu},
  journal={Sheng li ke xue jin zhan [Progress in physiology]},
  volume={27 4},
The progression of cell cycle in embryonic cells from oceanic bionts to mammalians is initiated, promoted and terminated under the regulation of cell cycle gene products, named cyclins, and a p34 (cdc 2). Besides, oncogene (proto-oncogene) products such as p53 and pRB also directly regulate the progression of cell cycle. However, the p34 (cdc 2) which promotes the mitotic cell division also initiates the apoptosis of certain cells. Therefore, mutations of genes that regulate the normal… CONTINUE READING

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