[Ceftriaxone (Rocefin) in the treatment of bronchopulmonary infections].

  title={[Ceftriaxone (Rocefin) in the treatment of bronchopulmonary infections].},
  author={Vladimir Nonikov and T D Konstantinova and O. V. Makarova and E N Manziuk and V. I. Minaev and L A Ritchik},
  journal={Terapevticheskii arkhiv},
  volume={69 10},
Ceftriaxone, cephalosporin of the third generation, was given to 40 adults admitted to hospital for bronchopulmonary infections. Pneumonia and aggravation of chronic bronchitis were diagnosed in 27 and 13 patients, respectively. The drug was given in a single daily dose 1-2 g intravenously or intramuscularly. Mean duration of the treatment course was 6.13 days. High efficacy of the antibiotic ceftriaxone was observed in 38(95%) patients. One woman failed the treatment. She had pneumonia… CONTINUE READING