[Case report of muscle cramp versus focal epilepsy].

  title={[Case report of muscle cramp versus focal epilepsy].},
  author={Hidetoshi Fujita and Hideki Muranaka and Shin-ichi Osari and Yukio Kimura and Atsuko Goto and Masanobu Koda and Mutsuko Shiotani and Iwata Ozaki},
  journal={No to hattatsu = Brain and development},
  volume={31 5},
We report here a boy suffering from muscle cramps in the right upper extremity. At 32 days of age, he developed purulent meningitis followed by paresis of the right upper extremity. From infancy he had intermittent episodes myoclonus-like involving the right hand. Since he also had true epileptic seizures with loss of consciousness, ocular deviation, and vomiting at 6 and 8 years of age, he was treated with anti-epileptic drugs as therapy for focal motor seizures. At 6 years of age, these… CONTINUE READING