[Case of calvarial fibrous dysplasia presenting with cyst degeneration].

  title={[Case of calvarial fibrous dysplasia presenting with cyst degeneration].},
  author={Satoshi Tsutsumi and Yukimasa Yasumoto and Masanori Ito},
  journal={No shinkei geka. Neurological surgery},
  volume={39 2},
A 49-year-old female developed a painful dysesthesia in the left forehead 10 years after having become aware of a subcutaneous mass accompanied with mild tenderness. Her medical history was unremarkable. Neurological examination showed normal findings with intact facial nerve function. Blood examination was normal. Neuroimaging revealed a cystic bony mass and an adjacent patchy diploic lesion in the left temporal bone. She underwent total tumor resection by frontotemporal craniotomy… CONTINUE READING