• Medicine
  • Published in La Revue du praticien 1995

[Care of severe accidental irradiation victims].

  title={[Care of severe accidental irradiation victims].},
  author={Jean Marc Cosset and B Dubray and Laurent Chauveinc and B. Perdereau and François Campana},
  journal={La Revue du praticien},
  volume={45 6 Spec No},
Two types of "severe accidental irradiation" can be schematically described: high dose localized irradiations and accidental total body overexposure. Actually, these two pathologies may coexist, and may be associated with external or internal radioactive contamination, and with all the "catastrophe medicine" syndromes. For high dose localized irradiation, physicians must manage as well as possible complex surgical procedures which unfortunately cannot always avoid being mutilating. For total… CONTINUE READING

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