[Carcinosarcoma with chondromatous differentiation of the bladder].

  title={[Carcinosarcoma with chondromatous differentiation of the bladder].},
  author={J C Garmend{\'i}a Larrea and J A Rodr{\'i}guez Andr{\'e}s and J M Campa Bortolo and C Lobo Mor{\'a}n and Jacobo L{\'o}pez Garc{\'i}a and Fernando Arocena Lanz},
  journal={Archivos espanoles de urologia},
  volume={44 7},
We report a case of carcinosarcoma whose most striking feature was its markedly chondroid elements that initially prompted us to suspect a chondrosarcoma. The clinical features and treatment of this rare tumor type are briefly discussed.