[Canine leishmaniasis in Campania: new and old foci].

  title={[Canine leishmaniasis in Campania: new and old foci].},
  author={Loredana Baldi and V Mizzoni and Alfredo Guarino},
  volume={46 1-2},
Canine Leishmaniasis (CanL) is endemic in Campania Region (Italy) and is strictly related to Human Visceral Leishmaniasis. Past and present reports of the prevalence in the Region show that exist places were CanL has been known for a century (Vesuvius and Ischia Foci) and other localities where the disease appears to be recent (Caserta and Salerno provinces); moreover, the zoonosis is seen not only in endemic foci (autochthonous), but also in non-endemic areas (imported cases), for example in… CONTINUE READING