[Campylobacter pylori, gastritis and peptic ulcer].

  title={[Campylobacter pylori, gastritis and peptic ulcer].},
  author={Alexander M. Hirschl and Gerold Stanek and Manfred L. Rotter and Regina P{\"o}tzi and Alfred Gangl and Ernst Hentschel and Kurt Sch{\"u}tze and H J Holzner and Hynek Němec},
  journal={Wiener klinische Wochenschrift},
  volume={99 14},
In the course of routine gastroduodenoscopic examination of 218 patients bioptic mucosal specimens were examined bacteriologically for the presence of Campylobacter (C.) pylori. The organism was isolated from 52 out of 53 patients (98%) with duodenal ulcer, 7 out of 9 with gastric ulcer (78%), 24 out of 31 with mucosal erosions (77%), 10 out of 10 with duodenitis (100%), 16 out of 16 with chronic active gastritis (100%) and from 40 out of 73 patients (55%) with inactive chronic gastritis. By… CONTINUE READING


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