[Camptocormia--segmental dystonia. Proposal of a new definition for an old disease].

  title={[Camptocormia--segmental dystonia. Proposal of a new definition for an old disease].},
  author={G. Reichel and U. Kirchh{\"o}fer and Andrea Stenner},
  journal={Der Nervenarzt},
  volume={72 4},
Camptocormia is defined as a forced posture with a forward-bent trunk which appears during standing and sitting. It was first described in 1818 by Brodie. In the last 100 years, numerous cases were observed. A psychogenic origin was presumed in most cases. We describe four patients with typical symptoms of camptocormia who present with the clinical and electromyographical criteria of a segmental dystonia. A new classification of camptocormia is proposed including (1) the primary form, a… CONTINUE READING


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