[Calcifying odontogenic cyst].


Two patients have been described in which a calcifying odontogenic cyst has been removed. One patient concerned a 14-year-old girl with an impacted 24, in which a calcifying odontogenic cyst was removed in connection with a complex odontoma. The other patient concerned a 85-year-old man with a large cyst in the edentulous maxilla, which was marsupialized… (More)


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@article{Henegouwen1979CalcifyingOC, title={[Calcifying odontogenic cyst].}, author={R W van Berge Henegouwen and W A M van der Kwast and Isaac van der Waal}, journal={Revue belge de medecine dentaire. Belgisch tijdschrift voor tandheelkunde}, year={1979}, volume={34 2}, pages={205-12} }