[CEA test in domestic animals].

  title={[CEA test in domestic animals].},
  author={Michael R H{\"a}ssig and Manuel Casal and B R von Beust and M Nussbaumer and Peter R{\"u}sch},
  journal={Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde},
  volume={133 7},
In human cancer treatment, CEA (carcino embryonic antigen) testing is a routine procedure, even though the test is of low sensitivity (40%) and low specificity (70%). Since tests with polyclonal antibodies render no reproducible results with animal sera, the applicability of a recently available monoclonal CEA test designed for human sera was evaluated. We were able to show that the latter test was of supplemental diagnostic value when testing animal sera. The upper normal limit for dogs is 1… CONTINUE READING