[Burn out of formal carers in geriatric facilities].

  title={[Burn out of formal carers in geriatric facilities].},
  author={B{\'e}n{\'e}dicte Courty and Jean Bouisson and Philippe D Compagnone},
  journal={Psychologie & neuropsychiatrie du vieillissement},
  volume={2 3},
From a person-centered perspective, this study investigates the relationship between burn out and anxiety-depression, among geriatric caregivers, according to the helplessness-hopelessness theory. The population studied consists of 150 caregivers, drawn from different geriatric facilities throughout France. Data was collected from three self-administered questionnaires: the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) measures burn out, whereas the STAI measures anxiety and the CES-D assesses symptoms of… CONTINUE READING

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