[Buccal bony exostoses induced by free gingival grafts].

  title={[Buccal bony exostoses induced by free gingival grafts].},
  author={Haim Tal and Shimshon Slutzkey},
  journal={Refu'at ha-peh veha-shinayim},
  volume={28 1},
  pages={65-70, 79}
Buccal Bony Exostoses (BBE) is a local benign osseous overgrowth continuous with the facial aspect of the jaw. Post operative BBE may be the result of dermal grafts used to restore the buccal vestibulum, of connective tissue graft placement, and of Free Gingival Grafts (FGG) procedures. In 46 patients in whom 72 FGG procedures were performed by the senior author (HT) over the past 12 years, BBE was clinically and radiographically diagnosed. In one case the tumor was surgically removed. The… CONTINUE READING