[Breast imaging after augmentation with homologous adipose tissue implant].

  title={[Breast imaging after augmentation with homologous adipose tissue implant].},
  author={Martin Unterweger and Claudia Meuli-Simmen and R. Caduff and Rahel A. Kubik-Huch},
  volume={89 20},
The implantation of cadaveric fat for breast augmentation, which has been performed up to the Seventies, is nowadays considered obsolete. Since complications frequently arise many years later, we are, however, occasionally confronted with the problematic consequences of the technique. The present case report describes the clinical, mammographic and for the first time to our knowledge MR-mammographic findings of a mammoplasty with cadaveric fat in a 57-year-old patient with a history of breast… CONTINUE READING

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