[Breast cancer in Tunisia: epidemiologic characteristics and trends in incidence].

  title={[Breast cancer in Tunisia: epidemiologic characteristics and trends in incidence].},
  author={M Ben abdallah and Soraya Zehani and Mongi Maalej and Mohamed Hsairi and Monia H{\'e}chiche and Khaled Ben Romdhane and Hammouda Boussen and Amor Saadi and Noureddine Achour and Farhat Ben Ayed},
  journal={La Tunisie medicale},
  volume={87 7},
The goal of this study is to analyze certain epidemiologic characteristics of breast cancer in Tunisia and to foresee the consequences that will arise from the trends in incidence of this cancer. Data obtained from the North-Tunisia Cancer Registry (NTCR) and from the Salah AZAIZ Institute (SAI) Registry is used to estimate the different incidence rates and to compare these rates with those of other countries. In 15 years the crude incidence rate for breast cancer in the North Tunisia almost… CONTINUE READING

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