• Medicine
  • Published in Nordisk medicin 1992

[Breast cancer and polypeptide growth factors].

  title={[Breast cancer and polypeptide growth factors].},
  author={J. L. R{\o}mer and Claus Holst-Hansen and Claus Ernst Moser and N. Br{\"u}nner},
  journal={Nordisk medicin},
  volume={107 2},
Growth factors are crucially involved in the growth of breast cancer cells and in disease progression, both as mediators of endocrine therapy, as co-factors in the development of hormonal resistance, and as regulators of the extracellular proteolysis that precedes invasion and metastasis. Better characterisation and understanding of the mechanisms of action of the various growth factors might open up new possibilities in therapeutic intervention. Thus it would be possible to include in future… CONTINUE READING

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