[Brazilian lyme-like disease or Baggio-Yoshinari syndrome: exotic and emerging Brazilian tick-borne zoonosis].

  title={[Brazilian lyme-like disease or Baggio-Yoshinari syndrome: exotic and emerging Brazilian tick-borne zoonosis].},
  author={Natalino Hajime Yoshinari and Elenice Mantovani and Virg{\'i}nia L{\'u}cia Naz{\'a}rio Bonoldi and Roberta Gonçalves Marangoni and Giancarla Gauditano},
  journal={Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira},
  volume={56 3},
Lyme disease (LD) is a frequent zoonosis found in the Northern Hemisphere and is considered an infectious disease caused by spirochetes belonging sensu lato to the Borrelia burgdorferi complex transmitted by ticks of the Ixodes ricinus group. In 1992, first cases similar to LD were described in Brazil, when brothers, after a tick bite episode developed symptoms , as erythema migrans, general flu-like symptoms and arthritis. Careful analysis of Brazilian LD-like illness casuistry showed that… CONTINUE READING


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