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[Boletus luridus and alcohol. Case report].

  title={[Boletus luridus and alcohol. Case report].},
  author={H. Budmiger and F. Kocher},
  journal={Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift},
  volume={112 34},
When ingested with alcohol, certain drugs (e.g. cephalosporins, sulfonylurea, metronidazole, griseofulvin, chloramphenicol), calcium cyanamide, dimethyl formamide and certain mushrooms cause a disulfiram-alcohol type reaction. Three cases of a disulfiram-alcohol type reaction after ingestion of Boletus luridus and alcohol are described. No serious symptoms were observed. In contrast to Coprinus atramentarius, the toxin of Boletus luridus is unknown. 
Poisoning by Coprinus atramentarius.
Detailed toxicology investigations have shown that the mutagenic and gonadotoxic properties of this compound made it unsuitable for therapeutic use.
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  • K. Graeme
  • Medicine
    Journal of Medical Toxicology
  • 2013
This review provides an update of myscetism and classifies mushroom poisonings by the primary organ system affected, permitting expansion, as new, toxic mushroom species are discovered.
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