[Bladder leiomyoma. Report of one case].

  title={[Bladder leiomyoma. Report of one case].},
  author={Roberto Ferrero Doria and Jos{\'e} Antonio Ramos N{\'i}guez and Francisco Garc{\'i}a V{\'i}ctor and Marcos Gass{\'o} Matoses and Ferm{\'i}n Moreno P{\'e}rez and Enrique D{\'i}az Calleja},
  journal={Archivos espanoles de urologia},
  volume={58 10},
OBJECTIVES To report a new case of bladder leiomyoma. METHODS We describe the case of a 56-year-old female patient presenting with renal colic who was diognosed of a bladder filling defect after work up with intravenous urography ultrasound and urine cytology. Complete transurethral resection of the lesion was performed. RESULTS Pathology reported bladder leiomyoma. CONCLUSIONS Every pathological possibility should be considered in the differential diagnosis and treatment of a filling… CONTINUE READING