[Bipolar dislocation of the forearm].

  title={[Bipolar dislocation of the forearm].},
  author={Y. Najeb and B. Essadki and Mona Latifi and Tarik Fikry},
  journal={Chirurgie de la main},
  volume={26 1},
The authors report the case of a 23 year old patient, who presented the following combination of injuries after a fall, namely a divergent dislocation of the elbow, a fracture of the radial head, a fracture of the ulna and a perilunate dislocation with scaphoid fracture. The entire injury thus represented a bipolar dislocation of the forearm. The emergency management consisted of a closed reduction of the elbow together with osteosynthesis of the ulna, internal fixation of the scaphoid with a… CONTINUE READING

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