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[Biorheological contribution to the problem of rheumatic joint diseases].

  title={[Biorheological contribution to the problem of rheumatic joint diseases].},
  author={Volker Ribitsch and Franz Rainer and Gertraud Ribitsch and Joseph Schurz and G. Klein},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Rheumatologie},
  volume={40 5},
The rheological properties of synovial fluids from patients with different rheumatic diseases are discussed. Viscosities of 73 samples were determined and are compared to a standard of "healthy" human synovial fluid p. m. and to bovine synovia. Typical differences between "healthy", degenerative and inflammatory synovial fluids could be discerned. These differences can be characterized with several rheological parameters. The mechanism of lubrication in joints and the role of synovial fluid as… 
Rheology of joint fluid in total knee arthroplasty patients
Rheology of Synovial Fluids and Substitute Polymers
Synovial fluids are highly viscous and viscoelastic solutions responsible for lubrication and damping in joints. Based on work with both healthy and arthrotically deteriorated human knee joint syno...
Variation in joint fluid composition and its effect on the tribology of replacement joint articulation
Significant differences in tribology demonstrated by these experiments indicate that the composition of joint fluid affects the tribology of CoCr on PE joint prostheses, though the variability in friction could not be explained by physiological variation in the components examined.
Rheologische Eigenschaften gesunder Synovialflüssigkeiten
ZusammenfassungDie rheologischen Eigenschaften gesunder menschlicher Gelenksflüssigkeiten im Geschwindigkeitsgefällebereich vonD = 10−3-103 s−1 wurden untersucht. Es wurden die Scherviskosität und
Knee model of hydrodynamic lubrication during the gait cycle and the influence of prosthetic joint conformity
The present model suggested the limited modifying effect of hydrodynamic lubrication in total knee replacement systems, but its role during the early stance phase, coupled with high conformity, helps significantly to decrease compressive stresses on the polyethylene, fostering the beneficial effect of high conformity in a mixed lubrication regime.
Allgemeines zur Arthrose
Die Arthrose ist ohne Zweifel so alt wie die Menschheit, sie hinterlies ihre Unausloschlichen Spuren an den Skelettfunden der Vor- und Fruhmenschen (McCARTY 1979). Aber erst 1877 wies der Wiener