[Biological activity of a polar lipid of Clostridium butyricum spores].

  title={[Biological activity of a polar lipid of Clostridium butyricum spores].},
  author={G. P. Gaenko and Vitaly I. Duda and T. V. Koronelli and I K Pakhlavuni},
  volume={55 5},
A fraction of polar lipids was isolated from spores of the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium butyricum 35/11 exerting a noticeable radioprotective effect. The main biological activity of spore extracts was associated with this fraction. The fraction of polar lipids inhibited autolysis of the bacterial cell walls. The fraction was found to contain a phenolic glycolipid and a peptide component. The bacteriostatic and radiotherapeutic properties of the fraction are presumed to be due to its… CONTINUE READING

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