[Biochemical markers of bone in steroid (glucocorticoid)-induced osteoporosis (GIOP)].

  title={[Biochemical markers of bone in steroid (glucocorticoid)-induced osteoporosis (GIOP)].},
  author={Hideki Masaki and Takami Miki},
  journal={Clinical calcium},
  volume={16 11},
The pathogenesis of steroid (glucocorticoid)-induced bone loss is still unclear. But, bone formation is known to be quickly decreased in early stage of steroid administration, followed by reduction of bone resorption. The reductions of bone resorption markers are small if low dose of steroid is administered, and the changes are accelerated dose dependently, probably due to secondary hyperparathyroidism. The short term intravenous administration of steroid induces transient suppression of bone… CONTINUE READING