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[Biochemical and endocrinological analysis of breast cyst fluid].

  title={[Biochemical and endocrinological analysis of breast cyst fluid].},
  author={Katarzyna Mizia-Stec and Franciszek Zych and Ewa Widala},
  journal={Ginekologia polska},
  volume={68 9},
The gross cystic disease (breast cyst < 3 mm in diameter) is common benign disease of the breast. The relations GCD with breast cancer remain the fundamental problem. Although the cysts itself only exceptionaly degenerates into cancer, the presents of macrocystic disease multiplies by 3 to 4 the risk of cancer. A lot of interesting examinations were performed on cyst fluids aspirated from patients to identify women with benign breast disease and particular risk for breast cancer. There are two… 
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Giant breast cyst: a rare clinical entity

The breast cyst commonly present in premenopausal women around 40 years of age and disappear after menopause, however in some cases patient may have discomfort or pain in the breast.