[Bilateral uveal melanomas. Five case reports].

  title={[Bilateral uveal melanomas. Five case reports].},
  author={Lotfi Bhouri and Livia Lumbroso and Christine Levy and R{\'e}mi Dendale and Bernard Asselain and Corine Plancher and Xavier Sastre and Laurence Desjardins},
  journal={Journal francais d'ophtalmologie},
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PURPOSE Uveal malignant melanoma is the most common primary intraocular tumor in adults. The occurrence of bilateral uveal melanoma is an extremely rare event, but the observed frequency is nevertheless higher than what can be attributed to chance. Possible responsible factors may include a genetic predisposition. PATIENTS AND METHODS This retrospective study investigated the charts of patients examined from July 1988 to July 2001. For each patient, the clinical characteristics of the tumor… CONTINUE READING