[Benign ulcers of the cecum].

  title={[Benign ulcers of the cecum].},
  author={Gianfranco Finucci and Massimo Bianchini and P. Micheli and Anna Maria Marconi and C A Mastria and G Guayana},
  journal={Minerva chirurgica},
  volume={52 12},
Benign ulceration of the cecum is an uncommon lesion that was originally described by Cruveilhier in 1832. Etiology is unknown and symptomatology not pathognomonic. Pre-operative and intraoperative diagnosis is rare and difficult. Definitive diagnosis is usually obtained by histologic evaluation of the surgical specimen after a right hemicolectomy performed for a suspect of a neoplasm of the cecum. The authors present 7 cases of cecal ulcers and suggest that preoperative diagnosis may be due… CONTINUE READING

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