[Benign focal epilepsy and "electrical status epilepticus" during sleep (author's transl)].

  title={[Benign focal epilepsy and "electrical status epilepticus" during sleep (author's transl)].},
  author={Bernardo dalla Bernardina and Carlo Alberto Tassinari and Charlotte Dravet and Michelle Bureau and G Beghini and J David Roger},
  journal={Revue d'electroencephalographie et de neurophysiologie clinique},
  volume={8 3},
The authors describe the electro-clinical state of four children having a type of epilepsy clinically characterized by rare partial motor seizures and frequent absences. From E.E.G. point of view they had focal (mainly frontal) and diffuse abnormalities. Such diffuse abnormalities became continuous during slow sleep, thus realizing an electrical status epilepticus. During such status partial subclinical seizures were recorded. At the onset such cases have electroclinical features resembling… CONTINUE READING

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