[Balloon catheter dilatation in pharyngo-esophageal stenosis].

  title={[Balloon catheter dilatation in pharyngo-esophageal stenosis].},
  author={F Gim{\'e}nez Va{\'i}llo and B Cano Cuenca and L Pardo Mateu and F P{\'e}rez Climent and R Monz{\'o} Gand{\'i}a},
  journal={Acta otorrinolaringologica espanola},
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On the scarring strictures at the level of the pharyngo-esophageal junction, for example following surgery for pharyngo-laryngeal tumours, the treatment was traditionally the use of transoral dilators, as the metallic spark plugs or olives. At present the balloon catheters are the election technique for all cases. The advantages for the balloon catheters versus the traditional methods are the smaller morbidity and mortality, the effectiveness, simplicity and little cost. We show the protocol… CONTINUE READING