[Association of leptin and total immunoglobulin E in obese patients].

  title={[Association of leptin and total immunoglobulin E in obese patients].},
  author={N V Mal'tseva and Ia A Gorbatovskiĭ and A. V. Morozova and Svetlana Archipova and O. F. Lykova},
  journal={Klinicheskaia meditsina},
  volume={92 9},
We measured by the immunoenzyme assay serum levels of total IgE and leptin in 17 men and 95 women with non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) and in 57 men and 25 women with alcoholic liver disease (ALD) in comparison with 454 control men and 74 women without hepatic pathology. It was shown that the total serum IgE level in patients with ALD (229.5 +/- 31.0 IU/l) is on the average twice that in NAFLD and control patients (89.7 +/- 15.0 and 96.2 +/- 16.0 IU/l respectively). The IgE level in… CONTINUE READING