[Ascending aortic aneurysm: Update to existing guidelines].

  title={[Ascending aortic aneurysm: Update to existing guidelines].},
  author={Daniel Grinberg and Matteo Pozzi and Fadi Farhat and Jean-François Obadia},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={45 10},
The initial aorta (aortic valve, ring, sinuses and ascending aorta) constitutes an inseparable anatomical-functional entity. The "normal" diameter grows with age and body surface area. Two potential risks: aortic regurgitation (chronic complication) and aortic dissection (acute complication) The aortic diameter is the main factor of aortic dissection. Issues of the recommendations: set thresholds to indicate prophylactic surgery (avoid complication) Betablockers are indicated, especially in… CONTINUE READING