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[Arterial blood supply of the digestive tract in badgers].

  title={[Arterial blood supply of the digestive tract in badgers].},
  author={S. Rahm and J. Frewein},
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In 5 dendrohyraxes, 6 heterohyraxes, and 7 procaviae the three main visceral arteries have been studied. In all hyracoidea the Arteria coeliaca divides into the Arteria lienalis, Arteria hepatica communis, and Arteria gastrica sinistra. Occasionally the latter two arteries run together for 7-15 mm before they separate. The Arteria mesenterica cranialis gives rise to the Arteriae pancreaticoduodenales caudales, Arteriae jejunales, Arteria colica media, and Arteria colica dextra and continues as… Expand
Subgross and macroscopic investigation of the coeliac artery in the chinchilla (chinchilla lanigera).
The results indicated that the coeliac artery was divided into 4 branches such as left gastricartery, hepatic artery, splenic artery and gastrolienal artery, which was supplying the fundus of the stomach and the dorsal extremity of the spleen. Expand
Ramification of Celiac artery in the pine marten (Martes martes)
The pine marten (Martes martes) is a medium sized carnivore rarely found in Iran and it was observed that the celiac artery originated from the ventral aspect of abdominal aorta, the first report on ramification of the Celiac artery in the pine marte. Expand