[Arbovirus eco-epidemiology in the area affected by the Cuiabá-Santarém Highway (BR-163), Pará State, Brazil].

  title={[Arbovirus eco-epidemiology in the area affected by the Cuiab{\'a}-Santar{\'e}m Highway (BR-163), Par{\'a} State, Brazil].},
  author={M{\'a}rcio Roberto Teixeira Nunes and Taciana Fernandes Souza Barbosa and L{\'i}via Medeiros Neves Casseb and Joaquim Pinto Nunes Neto and Nazar{\'e} de Oliveira Segura and Hamilton Ant{\^o}nio de Oliveira Monteiro and Eliana Vieira Pinto and Samir Mansour Moraes Casseb and Jannifer de Oliveira Chiang and L{\'i}via Car{\'i}cio Martins and Daniele Barbosa de Almeida Medeiros and Pedro Fernando da Costa Vasconcelos},
  journal={Cadernos de saude publica},
  volume={25 12},
The current study describes the eco-epidemiological aspects of arbovirus diseases in the municipalities (counties) of Novo Progresso and Trairão, Para State, Brazil, in the area affected by highway BR-163. Hemagglutination inhibition (HI) antibodies to different arboviruses were detected, with monotypic reactions to MAYV and OROV, two important arboviruses associated with epidemics in the Amazon. IgM antibodies to OROV and MAYV were found in human sera, suggesting recent infections by these… CONTINUE READING

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